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Name City State Email
418 Lodge Sacramento CA secretary@418lodge.org
718 Encampment San Antonio TX lockedglass@gmail.com
ARARITA Encampment San Diego CA master@ararita.org
Abrahadabra Oasis Portland ME secretary@abrahadabra-oto.org
Alombrados Oasis New Orleans LA alombrados.oto@gmail.com
Anabasis Camp Indianapolis IN master@anabasis-oto.org
Aum. Ha. Lodge Chicago IL info@aumha-oto.org
Azul Nox Encampment Hanover PA info@azulnox.org
Black Sun Lodge Cleveland OH secretary@blacksun93.org
Blazing Star Oasis Oakland CA info@blazingstar-oto.org
Blue Equinox Oasis Detroit MI secretary@blueequinox.org
Bubastis Oasis Dallas TX secretary@bubastis-oto.org
Circle of Stars Encampment Lafayette IN master@circleofstars-oto.org
Coph Nia Lodge Eugene OR info@cophnia-oto.org
Crux Ansata Oasis Denver CO cruxansata.oto@gmail.com
Dove And Serpent Oasis Atlanta GA doveserpent@doveserpent-oto.org
Eleusis Encampment Knoxville TN EleusisEncampment-OTO@gmail.com
Golden Lotus Lodge Garden Grove CA info@goldenlotus-oto.org
Golden Thread Camp Pittsburgh PA secretary@goldenthread-oto.org
Heru-Behutet Oasis Kansas City KS herubehutet.oto@gmail.com
Heru-Ra-Ha Lodge Newport Beach CA lonmilo@gmail.com
Hidden Spring Oasis Orlando FL bodymaster@hiddenspring-oto.org
Horizon Lodge Seattle WA horizon@seattle-oto.org
Horus Camp Salt Lake City UT master@horusoto.org
Khephra Rising Camp Boise ID khephrarising@gmail.com
Khonsu Camp Las Vegas NV khonsuoto@gmail.com
Knights Templar Oasis Salem MA info@kto.org
Lapis Lazuli Oasis Phoenix AZ lapislazulioto@gmail.com
Leaping Laughter Oasis Minneapolis MN secretary@leapinglaughter.org
Lifted Lance Camp Fayetteville AR master@liftedlance-oto.org
Mithras Oasis Windham CT info@mithras-oto.org
NOX Oasis Ogden UT noxoasisoto@gmail.com
NOXVLVXON Camp Anchorage AK secretary@oto-ak.org
Obeah and Wanga Camp Nashville TN master@obeahwanga-oto.org
Pyramid Lodge Buffalo NY pyramid.oto@gmail.com
Roar of Rapture Encampment Omaha NE master@roarofrapture-oto.org
Sapphire Current Camp Memphis TN sapphirecurrentcamp@gmail.com
Scarlet Woman Lodge Austin TX scarletwomanlodge@gmail.com
Sekhet-Bast-Ra Oasis Oklahoma City OK master@sekhetbastra.org
Sekhet-Maat Lodge Portland OR info@sekhetmaat.com
Serpent and Lion Camp Tampa FL bodymaster@serpentandlion-oto.org
Seven Gates Camp Louisville KY Master.sevengates.oto@gmail.com
Sirius Encampment Oakland CA master@sirius-oto.org
Star Sapphire Lodge Los Angeles CA master@starsapphire-oto.org
Star of Babalon Encampment Raleigh NC master@starofbabalon-oto.org
Subtlety or Force Encampment Albuquerque NM master@sof-oto.org
Swirling Star Lodge Miami FL swirlingstaroto@gmail.com
Sword and Serpent Oasis Dayton OH master@swordandserpent-oto.org
Tahuti Lodge New York NY tahutilodge@tahutilodge.org
Thelesis Oasis Philadelphia PA info@thelesis.org
Vortex Oasis Tacoma WA info@vortex-oto.org
William Blake Lodge Baltimore MD contact@williamblakeoto.org

Camps, Oases, and Lodges

The terms Camp (or sometimes Encampment), Oasis, and Lodge simply refer to the three categories of O.T.O. local bodies. Camps tend to be smallest and generally do not perform initiations. Oases are larger and initiate through III°. Lodges are larger still and initiate through IV°/P∴I∴. There are some exceptions to this pattern, but it holds more often than not.

Camps in Formation

The Electoral College of U.S. Grand Lodge encourages the development of new local bodies in unserved areas of the country. Its “Camps in Formation” program recognizes individuals who are attempting to organize such bodies. Other prospective members in such areas may wish to contact the organizers to assist in the Camp formation process. The E.C. maintains a list of current Camp in Formation organizers and their locations.

Other formats

Local body information is also available in a variety of other formats:

  • directory of all local body contact information on a single page.
  • Google Fusion Table containing all local body contact information in exportable (and software-accessible) form.
  • Google Earth overlay showing body locations. This requires that you have Google Earth installed before clicking the link. If you add the resulting folder to your “My Places” collection, it will automatically stay up to date as local body information changes.

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