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6 of swordsU.S.G.L. offers an extensive online library containing documents of interest to O.T.O. members, Thelemites, and scholars of the Western esoteric tradition. Additionally, our Grand Master maintains a site called The Invisible Basilica of Sabazius which includes many of his essays, speeches, commentaries, and other useful material.

U.S.G.L. also holds a physical library containing books and papers of historical or technical interest. Policies and procedures for access to this collection are currently under development. A somewhat outdated library catalog is available as an Excel spreadsheet.

Finally, we provide an online gematria tool called Achad which may prove useful to you in your research.

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Achad: A gematria engine

Achad is a simple tool for doing gematria (word numerology). It can support various languages and letter-number correspondences; I welcome submissions of new ones (see below). Converting words to numbers Achad accepts text in a special format which represents non-English characters in the English alphabet. You can use the links provided on the Achad application page …