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z2square200Zero Equals Two is a blog on magical news and culture sponsored by U.S. Grand Lodge, O.T.O. A diverse collective of contributors comb the worlds of magick, art, science, history, philosophy, and more every day for articles and events of interest to Thelemites and other modern free-thinkers and explorers, collecting them on this blog for your enjoyment.

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  • Official Publication of O.T.O. Sweden Now Available

    The winter 2018 issue of Solståndet, the official publication of Ordo Templi Orientis Sverige is now available! Most articles are in Swedish naturally though two are in English.

    For details, see

    Their website says (though in Swedish):

    “The eight issue contains news from the development of the local bodies of OTO Sweden; from our Rose Croix Chapter Polaris annual gathering ‘Dionysos Calling!’, the EGC Secretariat, as well as general news and information regarding the spreading of Thelema on our northern shores. This issue also includes the articles ‘The Magickal Toolbox’ by Frater Caducus and the Gnostic Catholic Mass called ‘There is no God where I am’ by Father Wadj.”

    Place your order at
    Price: 12 USD / 10 Euro + postage

  • A Feast for Blowfly

    Blowfly, whom NPR called “Black Music’s Filthiest Legend,” passed away three years ago today. Born on Valentine’s Day 1939, Clarence Henry Reid was an American musician, songwriter and producer, using stage name and alternate persona Blowfly to protect his career as a songwriter and producer. During the 1960s and 1970s he wrote for and produced artists like Betty Wright, Sam & Dave, Gwen McCrae, Jimmy “Bo” Horne, Bobby Byrd, and KC & the Sunshine Band.

    He wrote and performed “dirty” versions of hit songs for his friends, but also released a number of albums that were party favorites. Much of his music has been sampled by Beyonce, Wu Tang Clan, DJ Quik, DMX, Method Man & Redman, Main Source, DJ Shadow, Eazy-E, RJD2, Jurassic 5, Big Daddy Kane, Mary J. Blige, Brand Nubian, and the Avalanches.

    The New York Times elaborates:

    Mr. Reid led a sort of musical double life beginning in the mid-1960s. Under his birth name he was a mildly successful singer — one of his songs, “Nobody but You Babe,” went to No. 40 on the Billboard Hot 100 — and a well-known songwriter and producer on Miami’s rich soul scene.

    But as Blowfly he released more than two dozen albums — highlights include “Porno Freak,” “Blowfly’s Party” and “Blowfly for President” — tapping a seemingly bottomless well of juvenilia (and assorted other ilias, too).

    It’s difficult to decide what menu to offer in celebration of a man famed for costumes and naughty songs, but upon due consideration, we suggest this:

    Custard Pie


    • 1 unbaked pie crust (9 inch)
    • 3 eggs, beaten
    • ¾ cup granulated sugar
    • ¼teaspoon salt
    • 1 egg white
    • 2 ½ cups scalded milk
    • ½ teaspoon ground nutmeg
    • 3 drops of whatever food color you want (optional)


    1. Preheat oven to 400°F (205°C).
    2. Mix together eggs, sugar, salt, and vanilla. Stir well. Blend in the scalded milk. For more yellow color, add few drops yellow food coloring.
    3. Line pie pan with pastry, and brush inside bottom and sides of shell with egg white to help prevent a soggy crust. Pour custard mixture into piecrust. Sprinkle with nutmeg.
    4. Bake for 30 to 35 minutes, or until a knife inserted near center comes out clean. Cool on rack.

      Modified from recipe at

    Want to learn more about Blowfly? Of course you do!

    Image of Blowfly through Creative Commons, originally posted to Flickr, uploaded to Commons using Flickr upload bot on 26 August 2011, 14:08 by Nesnad.

  • Advanced Initiation Training in Pittsburgh May 18-19, 2019 ev

    Registration is now open for the Advanced Initiation Training sessions to be held at Golden Thread Camp, O.T.O., in the Valley of Pittsburgh, May 18-19, 2019 ev.

    AIT was developed by a committee of experienced O.T.O. initiators at the behest of the Executive and Strategic Planning Committees.


    AIT workshops are organized through the Initiation Training Committee of the O.T.O. United States Grand Lodge (U.S.G.L.) under the direction of the Executive Committee.

    AIT supports the initiation process of U.S.G.L. in the following ways:


    • Improves personal quality of initiation abilities
    • Provides resources and support
    • Builds Initiator confidence and experience

    Local Bodies

    • Cultivates excitement and desire to become an initiator within the local membership
    • Improves quality of initiations for Man of Earth members in terms of voice and magical quality
    • Increases the number of experienced Initiators in a local body
    • Highlights the importance of initiation at the local level
    • Provides the local body experience in organizing larger, regional workshops
    • Improves symbolic knowledge of Man of Earth initiates through well-trained Initiators
    • Provides space for local Initiators to work together and workshop their ideas


    • Provides professional training for Initiators
    • Increases the number of experienced initiators on a national level
    • Brings in-depth training for the presiding officers of M∴M∴M∴ initiation at large
    • Continually improves initiation standards
    • Communicates best practices to Initiators
    • Assists with implementation of requirements for memorization of degrees
    • Creates sample training materials and supplemental resources for initiation officers, Certified Initiator Trainers, and Sovereign Grand Inspectors General
    • Provides Initiators with advanced topics in regards to the general principles and practice of our initiation rituals

    Register here:

  • Witch’s Book of Mysteries Being Published in May

    This May will see the publication The Witch’s Book of Mysteries  by Devin Hunter — with a foreward by our pal Jason Miller. The Amazon description states:

    “Weave the profound practices of Witchcraft into your daily life and experience the power of transcendental magic with The Witch’s Book of Mysteries. Devin Hunter explores the core elements of spell and ritual work and outlines techniques to help you deepen your Witch Power and further develop your relationships with familiars, guides, spirits, and gods. Sharing meditations, exercises, spells, and rituals from the author’s personal Book of Shadows, this book includes teachings on Energetic Self-Orientation, the Witch’s Eye, the Witch’s Tree, and Quintessence to help witches take their magic to the next level.”

    pre-order your copy:

  • Sexism in Sex Toys?

    Last year, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) displayed the voluptuous sex robot Solana. This year, they displayed a MysteryVibe sex toy for men. Also this year, they’ve banned a hands-free vibrator for being “immoral and obscene.”

    Rewire reports:

    Before the Las Vegas show, the Osé was given an award in the robotics and drone product category by a panel of judges impressed with its innovation. But the organizers of the convention at the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) rescinded the award and told the company it could not display its products at the trade show. CTA officials told Fortune in a statement: “The product referenced does not fit into any of our existing product categories and should not have been accepted for the Innovation Awards Program.”

    The Ose hands-free vibratorAccording to BBC:

    In a statement to The Next Web, the CTA said: “The product does not fit into any of our existing product categories and should not have been accepted.

    “We have apologised to the company for our mistake.”

    But, in a statement on the Lora DiCarlo website, Ms Haddock cites several examples of other female-oriented products included in the award category the vibrator was in.

    “Two robotic vacuum cleaners, one robotic skateboard, four children’s toys, one shopping companion robot – looks like all of women’s interests are covered, right?” she said.

    “Ose clearly fits the robotics and drone category – and CTA’s own expert judges agree.”

    The Sun reports that a sex toy for men exhibited at CES: “The Tenuto sex toy is designed to strap around the base of the penis and stimulate both the shaft and balls.” One can assume therefore that sex toys are acceptable for display. Why the difference?

    Learn more:

    Many thanks to Frater Von Hohenheim for the lead!

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