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z2square200Zero Equals Two is a blog on magical news and culture sponsored by U.S. Grand Lodge, O.T.O. A diverse collective of contributors comb the worlds of magick, art, science, history, philosophy, and more every day for articles and events of interest to Thelemites and other modern free-thinkers and explorers, collecting them on this blog for your enjoyment.

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  • 2022-09-26St. Cyprian’s Feast Day

    On St. Cyprian’s feast day, sorcerer Jason Miller posted some interesting musings. Here’s a sample:

    “I don’t see Christ and the Devil as the same, or in league. I don’t necessarily believe in the objective reality of any of this in the way that some people do, but the spirits and powers are real enough and as I perceive them, they are in conflict. In fact, its precisely because they are in conflict that they are useful. Isn’t the world in constant conflict?

    “The conflict I see between Heavenly Hosts and Infernal Legions isn’t one of Good vs Evil but Collectivism vs Individualism. God gets born on earth to be sacrificed for the collective sins of the world. Lucifer falls to earth for individual freedom. Both of these are noble in their way.

    “The angels are about obeying god, and working along the lines of order and conformity. What is good for most people, most of the time. Of course, just as too much freedom can create chaos and suffering, too much order and conformity creates oppression and suffering. So a force of rebellion is needed. A Rebel Angel.

    “Rebellion is a part of growth. When we are children our parents set certain rules and parameters to keep us safe and help us become productive adults. As we become young adults we naturally push against these barriers and test them. This is dangerous in that breaking some rules can lead quickly to ruin, but never testing them is equally dangerous in that it stifles growth.

    “Most of us rebel, and learn that some of our parents rules were wise indeed, and we wind up having a deeper appreciation for them when we adopt them as our own. We also find that some rules no longer apply, and we abandon them, as we should. Most of the rules and guidelines are ones that we keep for the most part, but learn to bend with skill when its beneficial or enjoyable to do so. Some we even need to break from time to time and deal with the consequences.

    “So should you love God and hate the Devil, or should you love the Devil and hate God? Neither. Just as a rebellious teen still loves their parents as they break curfew, and the parent loves the teen even though they are frustrated that they are not home yet, you should love them both for what they are. Moreover as a Sorcerer you should call on them for what they are, when you need to.

    “THAT is why I can do a Black Liturgy on a Saturday Night, and go to Mass on a Sunday Morning.

    “That, and the fact that I don’t feel the need to believe in the factual objective reality of every myth and legend and religious view. There is more to this than we know, and more than we can know, so a little cognitive dissonance from time to time is simply a sign of being on the right track.”

    Read his whole post:

  • 2022-09-26The Magic Spell “Liber OZ”

    Frater Orpheus posted this on his FB feed last night:

    Elsewhere in the land of OZ…

    The following video was posted way back in June of 2014 but only earlier today was I made aware of its existence. In truth, I am uncertain what to make of it, nor even what its creators originally intended. I have attached its description below and will only vaguely describe it as “trippy”. Enjoy!!!
    People of the planet, please watch this video.
    There is an old prophecy of the Nahuatl, that only if this video gets more than 1 million clicks there will be peace and love and understanding on earth. The video shows the story of a man who is trapped in a grey space. He goes several times into his trap through a door, but when he is inside, he can’t find his way out. He is measuring his space, very sad and serious, sometimes in panic, sometimes simply perplexed. Together with him inside the space is sitting his own death. In a certain moment the man becomes aware of the presence of death, astounded and puzzled. Many a time he does not notice him, although death is so present and close. You may call the one man “life”, and the man sitting in the chair “death”. From a higher perspective, they are twins; no, they are one person. The music in the video is a shamanistic healing-chanting of the magic spell “Liber OZ”. The music will help death to become alive again. The Video is a project of Kata Freygang, the music is a project of Aliz is OZ. Aliz in OZ are Fürst Claas from Mars and Peter Beta. Help to bring peace and love and understanding to the planet and share this video.
    Greetings to the cardinal points…
    93 93 93 Orpheus

  • 2022-09-23Upon the Rood-Day: The Witchcraft of Christsonday and the Queen of Elphen

    Blackthorne School is off a course by Robin Artisson which starts October 24th, 2022. “Upon the Rood-Day: The Witchcraft of Christsonday and the Queen of Elphen” Cost of enrollment is $550.

    Posted description says:

    “Upon the Rood-Day: The Witchcraft of Christsonday and the Queen of Elphen” is a 16 Week course in Traditional Witchcraft taught by Robin Artisson. This the first comprehensive course in Witchcraft ever taught by Robin personally, drawing upon and revealing many of his personal and private insights and methods of witching which have been refined by him over 25 years.

    This course includes a survey of Early Modern Witchcraft from Britain, focusing on the regions of Banffshire and Aberdeenshire in Scotland. This course analyzes the mysteries that emerge from the confessions of the historical Scottish witches Andro Man and Marion Grant, regarding the nature of the two beings they claimed gave them power: Christsonday, thought by many to be the Devil, and his mate the Queen of Elphen.

    Robin’s attempts to contact Christsonday in 2018 led to the creation of a private Grimoire and dream-journal called The Book of Jaudaret, the contents of which contain wonderful (and sometimes disturbing) revelations about the nature of spirits, this world, and instructions for certain sorcerous workings. Many of The Book of Jaudaret’s contents are being shared in this course as well.

    This course is delivered to students over 16 weeks in the form of 16 detailed written and illustrated course modules, videos demonstrating certain techniques and operations, and recorded lectures. Another optional component of the course is direct interaction with the instructor and other students in the FaceBook group for the course.

  • 2022-09-22Byzantine Mosaic Floor Discovered in Palestine

    Last week, news broke about a farmer in Palestine going about his business when he discovered a Byzantine-era mosaic floor in his field.’s story begins:

    “A Palestinian farmer was in for a big surprise when he and his son were planting new olive trees. Salman al-Nabahin, who owns an orchard at the Bureij refugee camp in Gaza, began digging deeper into the earth after some of his trees failed to take root. Eventually, his son’s axe struck something unusually hard.

    “It turned out to be a large mosaic floor from the Byzantine era. Al-Nabahin was able to identify the tiles thanks to an internet search and alerted the Palestinian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities. ”

    Read the entire piece

    and here’s Smithsonian Magazine’s article:


    Came across this offer for a free webinar on Jungian perspectives on the Tarot. This is touted as an “introductory session,” so expect that if you participate you will receive solicitations to pop for a paid subscrption.

    “In this free introductory session, we will cover the structure of the Tarot deck and compare it with the structure of the psyche.

    ​”Jungian Analyst and teacher Ken James will take you on a tour through the world of the Tarot. You will be able to read the tarot and work with it from a Jungian lens gaining insights about the Tarot and about your own inner process.”


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