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z2square200Zero Equals Two is a blog on magical news and culture sponsored by U.S. Grand Lodge, O.T.O. A diverse collective of contributors comb the worlds of magick, art, science, history, philosophy, and more every day for articles and events of interest to Thelemites and other modern free-thinkers and explorers, collecting them on this blog for your enjoyment.

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  • 2021/12/01The Greater Feast of the Prophet of the Lovely Star

    “On 1 December 1947, Crowley died at Netherwood of chronic bronchitis aggravated by pleurisy and myocardial degeneration, aged 72.[214] His funeral was held at a Brighton crematorium on 5 December; about a dozen people attended, and Louis Wilkinson read excerpts from the Gnostic MassThe Book of the Law, and “Hymn to Pan”. The funeral generated press controversy, and was labelled a Black Mass by the tabloids. Crowley’s ashes were sent to Karl Germer in the US, who buried them in his garden in Hampton, New Jersey. – Wikipedia

  • 2021/11/29Re-Christianizing Magick?

    Here’s an excerpt from Jason Miller’s Monday Magick Newsletter.

    “Yesterday was Advent, the first day of the first season of the Christian year. Why do Sorcerer’s care? Well, if you do the Cyprian novena in September, meet the Devil during the years walk on Christmas eve, get consecrated chalk on Epiphany, gather with Witches on Walpurgisnacht, or just like to get shit faced on Mardi Gras: this is the start of that calendar.

    “Last week Frater Acher made a great post about repatriating Christian magic. The simple fact is that Christianity has had an iron grip on the west, and a good bit of the east, for a long time, and so when you go looking for traditions of mysticism, folk magic, or other esoterica there is a good chance it is going to be intermingled with Christianity at some level.

    “Some people feel the need to de-Christianize whatever they can, feeling that any hint of Christianity does nothing but sully whatever magic passes through it. That is a fair enough view, and I won’t ague against it. There has been a lot of evil carried out in the name of Christianity and anyone that wants to cut and run from that mess has my support. Even if it is the religion of your birth, you are under no standing orders to make peace with a Church that has caused you trauma, or which you hold to do far more evil than good in the world.

    “Other people, and obviously I am in this camp, feel that Christianity is not much different from any other religion and that any religion or organization that large is bound to be used to justify evil, not because of the religion itself, but because of humans. As an occultist I am not particularly interested in any of the outer forms of Christianity, but in the esoteric and mystical traditions. The leaves the question then: What positive message does Christianity have for the mystic?

    “In a word: Incarnation.

    “When I look at the baby Jesus in a Nativity, I don’t see a god you must fear in order to be good. I see God incarnating into physical form to bridge the gap between what is heaven and what is earth. Between the highest heaven and the hard-edged world. Not incarnated as a King, mind you, but as the child of people who are not of any special caste. In fact the circumstances were so low, that God had to come into this world in a space that wasn’t even made for people, it was made for animals. The light of the Shekhina, which formerly appeared only in the holy of holies to designated priests, now appeared in the sky to shepherds. The kingdom of heaven that Christianity is supposed to be about is not some sublime spiritual wonderland, its here. Right here.

    “When I look at any of the Crucifixes that I have in the house, I don’t see a Jesus that demands you believe he is here to save you, lest you burn in hell. I see God sacrificed unto God. If you understand most of religion up to this point as a practice of people making sacrifices to gain the favor of gods or at least stave off their wrath, this is a radical thing. No more sacrifice needed; this one stands. You can’t buy grace. I don’t particularly see anything in scripture that leads me to think you need to accept it or believe in it either. Jesus didn’t quiz people on their beliefs, and it should be embarrassing that has become the major pre-occupation of his church.

    “Do I believe these things literally, factually, and historically? Frankly no. I don’t.

    “Remember what I said about the Head, the Heart, and the Hand? The head wants to nail down the facts, the heart wants to nail down the meaning. Facts and meaning are not the same thing. Stories need not have happened in order to hold truth. As for the hand, the hand wants to know how something is useful, and so whatever you believe or don’t believe about Christianity, the hand is happy to put the Magic and Sorcery to use!”

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  • 2021/11/26Surrealism Beyond Borders Exhibit at NYC’s Met

    New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art is currently hosting an exhibit titled “Surrealism Beyond Borders.” It looks at Surrealist artists from around the world and over a time span of some 70 years rather than focusing on the French artists that developed the movement and remain its best known proponents. And why should occultists care?

    The intersections between art and magick were probably never more pronounced than in the succession of art movements that began with the Symbolists of Belle Epoque Paris eventually giving rise to Surrealism, a more systemized application of Dada-ist aesthetic principles. In the late 19th century, Josephine Peladan’s Rosicrucian Order sought to inspire transcendental consciousness via properly conceived and contrived works of art. By the mid-1950’s New York City was teeming with ex-patriots that EGC Bishop Harry Smith claimed all worked in magick and that it was “big business.”

    At least some of this work forthrightly implores occultist technology, “automatism,” forms of which were employed by members of the Golden Dawn, like W.B. Yeats, and perhaps some of the Prophet of the Lovely Star’s scripture could be described as such. As per visual art created via this technique:

    “Another classic Surrealist technique: automatism, or unchoreographed doodling, through which artists believed they could escape the fetters of conscious composition to reveal a truth beyond rationality. Along with works by Miró and Masson, this show features automatic artworks from Hungary, Peru, Japan, New Zealand — and this drawing from wartime Bucharest, where the artist Paul Paun joined a local Surrealist circle that had to exhibit in secret. (Paun and several other Romanian Surrealists were Jewish; they published in French.) In his 1943 ink drawing ‘The Cloud,’ a bowed human figure seems to sprout dendrites from his arms, amid rhizomatic tangles that feel as confining as rope netting.”

    I will note that a significant number of Cameron’s drawings bear a striking resemblance to Paun’s work.


  • 2021/11/26Modern Medium Channels Yeshua

    We’re posted pretty frequently about modern ceremonial magick’s roots in 19th century Spiritualism (originally “Spiritism”) and this practice is still alive an well and gathering celeb believers. The New York Times recently ran a feature on Carissa Schumacher, a modern medium who contacts a variety of departed spirits including, uh, Yeshua. Yep, Jesus of Nazareth. Welp! The feature begins:

    “Last Saturday night, a group gathered at the Flamingo Estate in the Eagle Rock neighborhood of Los Angeles to meet the spiritual adviser Carissa Schumacher.

    “At the front of an open-air room, a seat awaited Ms. Schumacher under a large floral arch. After guests, including the actresses Jennifer Aniston and Uma Thurman, filled the rows of chairs, others moved to the floor. Andie MacDowell reclined on a rug among a heap of pillows. Ms. Schumacher was supposed to appear at 8:30 p.m. A gospel choir sang while everyone sat around and glanced at Ms. Schumacher’s empty chair and at each other.

    “Since 2010, Ms. Schumacher has worked as a medium, meaning someone who receives messages from people who have died. She doesn’t have a website and is often booked months in advance. Her prices are another obstacle, with sessions priced at $1,111 per hour. (She likes the synchronicity of the number.)

    “Ms. Schumacher might fall under a category of so-called New Age practitioners. But spiritualism — the belief that the living can communicate with the dead — is very old, its popularity surging in times of high mortality rates: in the Victorian era, for example, and after major wars in the United States and Europe.”

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  • 2021/11/24TikTok Users Discuss Opening InterDimensional Portals

    Liber Librae sub figurâ XXX, a Golden Dawn lection much beloved of the Master Therion says:

    “To obtain Magical Power, learn to control thought; admit only those ideas that are in harmony with the end desired, and not every stray and contradictory Idea that presents itself.

    “Fixed thought is a means to an end. Therefore pay attention to the power of silent thought and meditation. The material act is but the outward expression of thy thought, and therefore hath it been said that “the thought of foolishness is sin.” Thought is the commencement of action, and if a chance thought can produce much effect, what cannot fixed thought do?”

    Taking that into account, have a look at a Daily Mail article on TikTokkers who claim to be able to move between parallel universes (the “Four Worlds” of the Qabalists?) and alternate time lines.

    “For many the idea of shifting into a parallel universe will be something left to superhero movies and science fiction books.

    “But for some it is perhaps a reality, with dozens of TikTok users are claiming they have shifted realities into parallel timelines – both accidentally and intentionally.

    “The users claim they use the shower as their portal for time travel, simply by changing the temperature from hot to cold and ‘manifesting’ the change they want…

    “Hundreds of TikTok users have shared videos claiming similar things have happened to them, with self-proclaimed ‘master manifester’ Marian Valenza sharing a tutorial on how to do it.

    “‘Did you know that you can timeline shift and manifest in the shower?’ she explained in a video which she captioned ‘water is so powerful’.

    “‘You can actually shift into your most desired timeline where what you want to manifest has already come through using the power of the water in your shower.

    “‘Water is such a powerful conduit to this. I’m going to share it a step by step way of how I’ve done it.

    “‘There’s other videos out there where I’ve seen it in a different way, but this is how I do it and you want to wait until the very last step because that’s actually the most important step. Number one is that you want to give yourself enough time, because you don’t want to rush this.

    ‘”You want to do this with intentionality.

    “‘Number two, when you go into the shower, soak yourself have we use hot, warm water and really cover your entire body and get soaking wet.

    ”’And as the water is running through, literally visualise the water cleansing you so that it removes all of your limiting beliefs, the negative thoughts that you have, all the things holding you back from stepping into your highest self, your career success or business success – whatever it is that you want to manifest.

    “‘You’ve got to remember that everything you desire already exists in the non-physical, but you hav

    e blockers in the way preventing it or maybe slowing it down from materialising in the 3D world.

    “‘Practice finding pleasure in everything.

    “‘So wash your hair, you know lather your body with intention with pleasure. The key to this is feeling really good that raises your vibration. ‘”

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