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z2square200Zero Equals Two is a blog on magical news and culture sponsored by U.S. Grand Lodge, O.T.O. A diverse collective of contributors comb the worlds of magick, art, science, history, philosophy, and more every day for articles and events of interest to Thelemites and other modern free-thinkers and explorers, collecting them on this blog for your enjoyment.

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  • 2021/04/20Online Lecture on Who Used the Magical Papyri?

    Coptic Magical Papyri team leader Korshi Dosoo will be presenting an online talk entitled “Who Used the Magical Papyri?” this Friday (23 April) at 4.30pm EDT (10.30pm CET) as part of the Bryn Mawr College Classics Colloquium.
    For nearly two hundred years the Greek and Demotic magical papyri have provided a fascinating source of information on the rich syncretism of Roman Egypt. Filled with instructions and evidence for curses, and love, healing, and divinatory spells, the corpus seems to offer a glimpse into the private lives of its users and writers, and yet, because we know very little about where and how the papyri were found, scholars have often only been able to make educated guesses about who these people were – wandering magi, Egyptian priests, or scholars dependent upon rich patrons. This talk will offer some thoughts on this question, drawing primarily on the few cases where archaeological or archival evidence allows us clear glimpses of ancient people who owned, used, and produced magical papyri.
    If you’re interested in taking part, you can register at the following link:…/tJ0vcOCqqjooGtamY…
    More information about the talk and the colloquium can be found here:

  • 2021/04/20The Book of Magical Psalms In Print

    “The Book of Magical Psalms – Part 1” is now officially in print!!!
    This corrected edition can currently be acquired from
    It will be available on Amazon and other online book sellers within a week.
    Countless individuals all over the world are chanting the “Psalms of David” every hour of every day, which makes the “Book of Psalms” the most practically applied text in the Hebrew Bible. In this regard this biblical text is reckoned amongst the greatest and most popular works of “Jewish Magic,” its popularity being due to the Psalms addressing the loftiest “realms of spirit,” the lowliest aspects of human existence, and everything in between. They offer ready-made prayers, supplications, and incantations for all to express what is in their hearts and minds. Furthermore, considered to be Divinely inspired, the Psalms comprise a direct link between a “human mouth” and a “Divine Ear”!
    The material addressed in “The Book of Magical Psalms – Part 1” derives from the extensive primary literature of “Practical Kabbalah,” much of which is shared in this tome for the first time in English translation. This definitive study includes the magical use of the biblical “Book of Psalms” for every conceivable purpose in prayers, incantations, adjurations, and Hebrew amulets.


    here’s an excerpt from Jason Miller’s Magick Monday Newsletter


    If you find yourself in need of fast help and live near a church with a cemetary attached, try the following:

    Go to the Church and Pray to St Expedite for what it is you need. If the church has candles to light, light a candle. Leave whatever you can as an offering for the Church in St Expedites name.

    Walk to the Cemetary and find a Cross somewhere near the center of the yard. It can be engraved on a stone or be scupted – it doesn’t matter. If you can’t find a gravestone that fits the bill, just choose a grave near the center that calls to you.

    Kneel and offer one Our Father as fast as you can, than run to each corner of the cemetary and offer another our father at each corner. It doesn’t matter how far, but you need to MOVE YOUR ASS and run the whole time. After you have prayed at all four corners return to the cross at the center and pray to St Expedite while still out of breath.

    Saint Expedite, Noble Roman youth, and martyr,You who quickly brings things to pass, You who never delays, I come to you in need: ____________ Do this for me, Saint Expedite, and when it is accomplished,I will as rapidly reply with an offering to you. (State your vow or promise)Be quick, Saint Expedite!Grant my wish and I will glorify your name.  Amen.

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  • 2021/04/19The Big Book of Magical Incense

    This December will see the publication of Sara Mastros’ The Big Book of Magical Incense. The publisher’s description says:

    “A hands-on guide to the vast world of magical incense, its cultural history, tried-and-true recipes, how to create your own formulas, and how to use it in all sorts of magical practice.
    The Big Book of Magical Incense is for practicing magicians and pagans who want to learn how to formulate their own magical incenses.
    While the book requires no prerequisite knowledge, it is also appropriate for experienced magicians and learned pagans. The chapters are scaffolded, teaching about basic ingredients and skills, both practical and magical, in early chapters, and gently leading the reader to develop their own recipes, spells, and ritual practices as they move through the book.
    Presented in a paradigm-agnostic way, the book should appeal to people on numerous paths.

    • Ceremonial magicians and sorcerers will appreciate the planetary incense recipes and translations from the Greek magical papyri and other classical magic texts.
    • Folk magicians will appreciate the many magical incense formulas, such as Go Away! and Money Magnet.
    • Animists will love the focus on ingredients native to the United States, and the instructions for working with the dead and the spirits of the land.
    • Devotional pagans will find recipes for a variety of gods, particularly those of the Eastern Mediterranean traditions, some of whose chapters include original translations of the Orphic hymns and other devotional poetry.
    • Chaos magicians will be excited about the flexibility to mix and match practices and recipes throughout the book.”

    pre-order your copy now!

  • 2021/04/16Businessman Seeks Dakini

    Being a member of a Local O.T.O. Body that was dismissively described as a “Buddhist drinking club” (umm, pretty accurate actually) back in the day, my attention was immediately snagged by details of a newly released film, Looking For a Lady With Fangs and a Moustache wherein the hero searches for a dakini, following the advice of a monk in Kathmandu. WELP! The film’s webpage says:

    KATHMANDU, NEPAL: TENZIN (30’s, Tibetan, driven by worldly success) is single-mindedly focused on creating Kathmandu’s first “European style” cafe. While hunting for the perfect location, he visits a long-abandoned temple in the center of Kathmandu, snapping photographs of the ancient sacred art. Later that day, during a music lesson with his closest friend JACHUNG (30’s, Tibetan, hopeless romantic, and devoted Buddhist), Tenzin has a strange vision of a young girl in a poppy field, singing a haunting tune. Jolted back to reality, he pushes the image out of his mind — just a peculiar reaction to stress, he’s sure.

    Tenzin awakens to another chilling hallucination, this time of his long-dead sister. He confides in Jachung, who insists that Tenzin seek advice from a notorious Buddhist monk oracle, warning “this could be a bad omen.” Tenzin, a committed atheist, balks at Jachung’s alarm, brushing him off as superstitious.

    Tenzin’s visions increase as he stubbornly forges ahead with his cafe plans, finally finding a location in a trendy area of Kathmandu. Convinced his luck has changed, he throws a party to celebrate. When Jachung arrives with the MONK ORACLE (20’s, addicted to his iPad, always in sunglasses) in tow, Tenzin reluctantly agrees to a private audience and relays a detailed account of his visions.

    The monk makes a terrifying prediction  —  Tenzin’s visions are a sign that his “life force” is running out, and death is imminent. Unconvinced by the monk’s diagnosis he visits a doctor but is disappointed to discover there is no medical explanation for his visions. Throughout it all, Tenzin tries his best to carry on with day-to-day life. KUNSEL (20’s, a gifted musician and Jachung’s crush) tutors Tenzin and Jachung as they prepare for a performance of the Dramyin (the traditional Himalayan lute beloved by Tenzin’s mother) and development begins at his new cafe. But Tenzin’s visions become more and more frightening. With mystical and magical experiences invading his life, his carefully constructed reality begins to unravel. In desperation, Tenzin visits the monk again, this time prepared to take his advice seriously.

    Now the prediction is even more alarming: Tenzin has been cursed, and will certainly die in seven days unless he can find a “dakini” (a mysterious living being — the embodiment of Buddhist teachings on “feminine energy”). The monk sends Tenzin to a BUDDHIST MASTER (60’s, master of the “Left-Hand Lineage” — a grumpy, enlightened sage) who gives specific instructions: When he finds a woman with fangs, a moustache, and perhaps a third eye, he must offer her a gift, of food, tools, shells, or a single shoe. Ideally, if she is a dakini, she will offer him a gift in return but if not, he is instructed to steal something from her. Finally, in order to confirm his discovery, the master gives Tenzin a highly guarded and secret “mudra” (a sacred hand gesture). If the fanged woman is truly a dakini she will understand the mudra and reveal herself. But there is a catch — Tenzin can only safely perform the mudra three times.

    Tenzin retreats from everything once important to him — the coffee shop, his business partners, and friends, trolling the Kathmandu streets searching for a dakini. Day after day Tenzin fails and returns to the master for further teachings and advice. On the sixth and final day of his life, a hopeless Tenzin travels to the country to bid farewell to his mother, and on his way back he runs into Kunsel. Viewed in a new light, is it possible that Kunsel, who had been so close this entire time, is the dakini? Finally, suspending all disbelief, he performs the secret mudra for Kunsel but to his dismay, she looks at him in confusion and rushes away. Tenzin continues to wander the streets until he spots another potential dakini in a crowded market. Desperate to save himself in his final hours, he steals the woman’s purse and runs off into the night. Uncertain whether his actions have saved him, he awaits the new day, terrified.

    The sun rises on the seventh day, illuminating Tenzin, still alive. Joyous, and with a renewed appreciation for life, he rushes to Jachung’s house and together they find Kunsel to share the good news. As they greet each other, Kunsel shocks Tenzin by performing the secret mudra.

    Is Kunsel truly a dakini who saved Tenzin’s life, or was it all an elaborate ruse to force Tenzin into embracing his mystical and religious heritage? Either way, his near-death experience has transformed him forever, from a rational businessman with his head down, to a spiritual seeker with an open heart.

    You’ll find a trailer here:

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