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z2square200Zero Equals Two is a blog on magical news and culture sponsored by U.S. Grand Lodge, O.T.O. A diverse collective of contributors comb the worlds of magick, art, science, history, philosophy, and more every day for articles and events of interest to Thelemites and other modern free-thinkers and explorers, collecting them on this blog for your enjoyment.

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  • Scarlet Imprint Taking )Pre-Orders For Frater Acher’s “Holy Daimon”

    Scarlet Imprint has opened pre-orders for a new book by Frater Acher, Holy Daimon. by Frater Acher. The publisher’s newsletter says:

    “The result of more than ten years of ritual and theoretical magical research, the book is comprised of three parts: History, Memory and Practice, providing a well-grounded introduction, as well as a practical path to creating communion with one’s holy daimon.

    “Rather than drawing on Abramelin or Crowley’s Liber Samekh, Frater Acher returns to the source, analysing the daimon as it was experienced in three cultures, Chaldean, Zoroastrian and Ancient Greek. These give a necessary overview to contextualise the material that follows, and restores the daimon to its central place in the journey of attainment.

    “Acher then gives a full account of his own personal communion with his holy daimon. As a magical record of a modern practitioner it is an important testimony for those embarking on the path, and a rare account given the secrecy within which most practitioners operate.

    “In the third and final section of the work Acher gives his streamlined exercises for attaining communion with the daimon; culminating in a fully restored rite from the Greek Magical Papyri.

    “Holy Daimon will be issued in three editions: a fine edition of 55 copies half bound in dark green goatskin with marbled boards (limited to one per customer); a standard hardback of 525 copies in grey cloth stamped in black and gold; and a Bibliothèque Rouge paperback.”

    pre-order here:


  • If Untreated, New(ish) STI May Become the Next Superbug

    A small selection of condomsAccording to The Independent, ‘Doctors and the public have been urged to look out for mycoplasma genitalium (MG), which the British Association of Sexual Health and HIV (BASHH) has warned will “undoubtedly lead to a public health emergency” if left unchecked.’ If you haven’t heard of MG, you’re not alone, although the infection was discovered in the early 1980s. Symptoms are similar to those of chlamydia, which means it is often misdiagnosed — treated with the wrong antibiotics, the organism can develop drug resistance.

    Cosmopolitan adds: “So how can you protect yourself? As always, use a barrier method—i.e. a condom—when having sex. Get tested for STIs regularly, and pay attention to any odd symptoms or sensations in and around your pelvic area. And the good news for MG in particular is that, according to CNN, a clinical test for the infection became available in the past year, making tracking, treating, and controlling the spread of infection a bit easier.”

    Always use a condom, and learn more here:

  • Vintage Copies of Split Current 93/OM Albums Found

    David Tibet has noted that he’s unearthed a handful of copies of the 10″ LP that Current 93 split with the band Om and is offering them via – PRICED TO MOVE BABY!

    “We have found around 40 copies of the C93/Om spilt 10”, Blackship Shrinebuilder (Inerrant Rays Of Infallible Sun), released on Neurot Records in 2006. C93’s side was titled “Black Ships At Nineveh And Edom (Inerrant Infallible)”, and Om’s side was titled “Rays Of The Sun / To The Shrinebuilder”. The vinyl is in mint and unplayed condition; some of the sleeves are very slightly battered, but not to any great degree. They are in various vinyl colours, but we are not able to specify which colour the purchaser will receive, nor look for specific vinyl colours.”

  • Can Islamic and European Civilizations Coexist?

    The New York Times Book Review asks “Can Islamic and European Civilizations Coexist?” in the online headline of the reveiw of Akbar Ahmed’s  Journey Into Europe: Islam, Immigration and Identity. We know the the Prophet of the Lovely Star believed they could, evincing admiration for Islamic culture, journeying to Islamic countries , writing under Islamic pseudonym’s and appearing in Islamic dress. In this, he was influenced by his hero Sir Richard Burton. So, this book could be of interest to those immersing themselves the Prophet’s systems of magick and religious philosophies. Or of those attending events called things like “Kaaba Colloquium.”

    Read de review:


  • Honeybees Get More Action Than You Do

    In the past, biologists learned that a the queen of a honeybee hive only mated with one drone, but newer research implies otherwise. According to a study recently published by PLOS One, in one hive, bees may have up to 50 different fathers. The Australian Broadcasting Corporation reports:

    Bee-mating events can involve several thousand drones all gathering in areas about 20 metres above the ground in open fields, according to University of Sydney behavioural geneticist Benjamin Oldroyd.

    Once mature, a young queen bee will leave her mother’s hive and may visit several different “drone congregation areas” on different days, possibly mating with about 50 drones.

    “She will fly to this place at about two o’clock in the afternoon, mate with, let’s just say, a large number of males, 30, 50 … and she’ll go home again about 15-10 minutes later, really quick,” [behavioural geneticist] Professor Oldroyd said.

    The study abstract notes, “These results alter our understanding of reproductive behavior in honey bees, raising questions about the evolutionary implications of this phenomenon.”

    Want to learn more?

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