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The U.S. Grand Lodge Thelema NOW! podcast features interviews with artists, writers, magicians, and others whose unique perspectives contribute to the modern flowering of Thelemic culture. New episodes are published roughly once a month. You can subscribe to the podcast to get new episodes as they are published, or visit the Thelema NOW! site for a full catalog of past episodes.

Recent episodes

  • 2021/12/28 Thelema Now! Algol from the band Mehenet

    Thelema Now’s Harper Feist talks to Algol from the band Mehenet.  Algol is also an OTO Brother, in addition to his other ritual practices.  Check out Mehenet’s Bandcamp page – and check out the full song  Dona Sete at the end of the interview! Listen and enjoy!

  • 2021/12/09 Thelema Now! Guest: Trevor Gray (2021)

    Man Has The Right To Dress As He Will! History has been made!  This episode of Thelema Now is the first where both the host, Harper Fiest, and the guest, Trevor Gray, are nude! The perfect setting for author Trevor to discuss his book “A Whisper in the Silence: An Inspiring Naturist Love Story.” Enjoy!

  • 2021/11/17 Thelema Now! Guest: Jessica Grote

    Jessica Grote is currently the presiding bishop of the Ecclesia Gnostic Aeterna and an advanced member of the Société Voudon Gnostique.  She is also a teacher and instructor. In her course, she will introduce you to the animistic worldview and magical practice of the Kosmic Modern Hetaera, which can enhance your existing path or form a holistic approach of its own. 

    Find out more about Jessica and her upcoming courses which will illustrate how to merge your magical and mundane lives, integrate sexuality and eroticism in your magical work, and much more! 

  • 2021/11/03 Thelema Now! Guest: Veronica Rivas

    Verónica Rivas (Melong Yeshe) is an Uruguayan author and researcher based in Brazil. Her cosmological and anthropological studies in magical practices among Eastern cultures led her to become interested in healing techniques. When she became a Reiki Master, she started to research the possibilities of integrating Reiki techniques with other forms of energy work, using her academic training in Philosophy as an epistemological background. 

    In Kurukulla: Goddess of Bewitchment – A Devotional Path to the Red Enchantress of Uddiyana, author Verónica Rivas combines academic research with personal experience to offer a theoretical-practical study of Kurukulla, the goddess in Hinduism related to desire, lust, magic, and witchcraft. Listen and find out more! 

  • 2021/09/17 Thelema Now! Guest: Jason Augustus Newcomb

    Author Jason Augustus Newcomb and TN host Harper Feist discuss aspects of Magick, and especially Tarot!  Do you like Thoth? Rider? Rider-Waite? What does the imagery say to you?  As Jason developed his own Tarot, New Hermetics Standard Tarot Deck, he took many things into account.  Check it out!  And visit Jason’s website

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