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Electoral College blog post on LGBTQIA+ inclusion

The Electoral College of U.S. Grand Lodge publishes a blog covering topics of interest to most O.T.O. members. The latest post, “Pride Not Prejudice”, announces a pair of “Thelema for All” training modules addressing LGBTQIA+ concepts and concerns.

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Kaaba Colloquium to be resumed in 2023

Kaaba Colloquium, a twice-yearly leadership training program offered by U.S. Grand Lodge, will be resumed in 2023. The first planned location is Baltimore. This new version (“Kaaba IV”) will feature a new group of presenters covering material freshly designed for current and aspiring local body leaders. Watch the Kaaba site for more information.

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Diversity education modules available

The U.S. Grand Lodge Diversity Education team, part of our Diversity Taskforce, is pleased to announce the availability of six educational modules addressing diversity and inclusion. This important milestone is aligned with one of our core values: “We believe that a membership free from unfair discrimination is essential to accomplishing our Mission, and reject doctrines …

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Local body public events calendar

The Education Committee of U.S. Grand Lodge provides a Google calendar which includes public events offered by an ever-growing number of U.S. local bodies. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, nearly all O.T.O. activity is currently happening online. This means that you can attend events hosted by local bodies all over the country without leaving home.

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Education Committee speakers list

The Education Committee maintains a list of speakers available for events at O.T.O. local bodies. All local body leaders are encouraged to take advantage of this resource. See this post for details.

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