Refusal of Initiation

Reminder to U.S. local bodies: The criteria for sponsorship of candidates and for eligibility for initiation are established by USGL, not by local masters. Local masters are not permitted to impose their own criteria on sponsorship or on eligibility for local initiation, beyond those established by USGL.

Further, “Whenever an individual is refused initiation on any grounds, the local master must make a written report to the Executive on said refusal and the reasons for it within 30 days. Such information may be included in the Initiation Report. Individual candidates have the right to appeal directly to the Executive.” (COLMH IV.D.5)

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Changes to Minerval Application Procedure

The Executive has adopted a revised Preliminary Pledge Form and Application For Admission (Minerval Application Form). There are two changes to the form:

  1. Applicants will now be asked if they have ever been refused initiation at any location.  Details are requested if the answer is affirmative.
  2. The sponsors’ attestation has been modified to affirm that the sponsors have actually met with the applicant in person before deciding to vouch for them.

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Site hosting change

We have just finished moving several U.S. Grand Lodge websites, including the main public site, to a new hosting provider. Any such move carries the risk of breaking site content and functions. We have already found and fixed several such problems, and more may be lurking. If you encounter difficulties with any U.S.G.L. website, please report the problem via email to, providing as much detail as possible.

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Site navigation update

The U.S. Grand Lodge public website ( has recently been updated in a number of ways. Most notably, site navigation from mobile devices should now be significantly easier (and look better as well). Any change of this magnitude involves the risk of breaking things on various browsers and devices. If you run into any difficulties using the site, please report them to as soon as possible. The more specific information you can provide, the better.

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Amended Vision and Values Statements

Last September, we made an announcement about the commencement of a new Strategic Planning cycle. To help lay the conceptual foundation for the new planning cycle, the Executive has voted to amend U.S.G.L.’s Vision and Values Statements to formally incorporate principles voiced in last August’s “Statement from the Supreme Grand Council.” The amendments are as follows:

• Paragraph 6 has been added to the Vision Statement:

6. We will manifest a culture that is comfortable with myriad expressions of the Self and rejects fear; attracting and retaining a diverse membership at every level and welcoming the participation of Thelemites of all sexes, genders, orientations, “races,” ethnicities, and cultural backgrounds.

• Paragraph 6 has been added to the Values Statement:

6. We believe that a membership free from unfair discrimination is essential to accomplishing our Mission, and reject doctrines that promote bigotry, prejudice, and intolerance.

The full statements can be viewed on our Mission and Planning Page.

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Cannabis Policy

U.S. Grand Lodge fully supports the legalization of Cannabis for use by adults throughout the United States for any purpose they choose, and is encouraged by the increasing number of states removing state prohibitions on Cannabis sales and use. However, the U.S. Justice Department under Attorney General Sessions is reversing a past policy directive against enforcement of federal Cannabis prohibitions in states where Cannabis is legal. Therefore, Cannabis must still be considered an illegal substance throughout the United States, subject to enforcement by federal officials, even in states where it is legal according to state law. Consequently, despite recent changes in state laws pertaining to Cannabis, there will be NO CHANGE in U.S. O.T.O.’s prohibition of Cannabis at official events and venues, as described in detail in the COLMH. This policy will be re-evaluated if and when federal restrictions on Cannabis are formally lifted, or the Justice Department’s non-interference directive is reinstated.

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Order of the Lion and Order of the Eagle

The materials for the Order of the Lion and Order of the Eagle have been transferred from the Invisible Basilica to the U.S. Grand Lodge public website.  They can be found here:

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Congratulations to MUOPS on their appointment by the Electoral College as Revolutionary.

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Application Forms for Non-Initiate E.G.C. Baptism and Confirmation

Baptism and Confirmation in E.G.C. have long been available to those who have not (yet) taken Minerval initiation. Effective immediately, candidates for non-initiate E.G.C. baptism and/or confirmation must complete and submit an application form/questionnaire prior to scheduling of the ceremony. These forms are available from either the E.G.C. Secretary, the Grand Secretary General, or the Document Control Officer. Approval is tacit unless the candidate has been convicted of a felony. For further information, local body officers and E.G.C. clergy may contact the E.G.C. Secretary or the Grand Secretary General.

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New Strategic Planning Cycle

In 2005-2006 e.v., the National Grand Master General formed a Strategic Planning Group for the purpose of outlining the vision and goals of our Order in the United States. These Brothers and Sisters undertook the complex task of setting goals Order-wide. Some of the results of this effort can be found in the “Mission & Planning” section here on the USGL website. Many of these goals of the original strategic plan have been accomplished, but some remain aspirational. We thank the members of the group for their service.

In this new strategic planning cycle, we face challenges that call for a more streamlined and “agile” process than the deliberative process used previously. To that end, we are pleased to announce that on August 22nd, 2017 e.v., the Executive established the office of the USGL Strategic Planning Secretary, and appointed Sr. Melissa Holm to that office for a renewable term of five years.

The Strategic Planning Secretary will act as a consultant and facilitator to the governing bodies and leaders of USGL in the formulation of strategic plans in their areas of focus, ensuring that these plans are in alignment with USGL stated goals and priorities, and tracking incremental project progress toward the fulfillment of these goals.

Sr. Melissa’s plan is to implement the planning process over time, in quarterly increments–contacting USGL officers each in their turn to initiate the goal setting process. The first steps are already underway. The membership will be able to follow along with the progress of the strategic planning process via regular reports here and in Agapé.

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