We have always been strong advocates for personal choice in terms of one’s own private affairs, in accordance with the precepts of Liber Oz. HOWEVER, there is now a nationwide epidemic of deaths due to unsupervised use of a specific drug (the synthetic opioid known as Fentanyl), or mixtures containing this drug. This epidemic has already tragically claimed the lives of several Order members. The extremely dangerous nature of this drug is now widely-known; therefore, knowingly and illegally providing this drug to another Order member will be considered by us to be willingly putting the lives of your Brothers and Sisters in grave danger. Those who do so will, accordingly, be subject to appropriate disciplinary action, which may include expulsion from membership.

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Role of the Deputy Master

When the Master of a local body becomes incapacitated, the Electoral College must be notified immediately; and the local body’s charter is automatically suspended until the Electoral College appoints a new Master.

The Electoral College may appoint an Acting Master to maintain the local body during the period of suspension. The one duty of the Deputy Master of a local body is to be ready for appointment by the Electoral College to serve as Acting Master, to allow the Secretary and Treasurer to continue to perform their assigned duties.

When an orderly succession of mastership is being considered, it will usually be the Secretary (the officer most versed in local body operations), rather than the Deputy Master, who is recommended to the Electoral College for appointment as the new Master.

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Women’s Leadership Retreat

A Women’s Leadership Retreat sponsored by Kaaba Colloquium will be held March 9-10 2019 in Dallas. Registration is limited to 30, so please register soon if you would like to attend.

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Four issues of Agape available online

The most recent issue of the official U.S. Grand Lodge periodical Agapé (vol. 17 #2, Spring 2018) is now available online, along with three older issues which had not yet been added to the archive. Agapé solicits submissions from O.T.O. members.

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Discussion Groups on Facebook

As most have noticed, a variety of groups or forums have been established on Facebook for the discussion of Thelema from various perspectives. Aside from a number of small groups established for conducting local body business, none of these general Thelemic discussion groups are currently controlled, managed, or officially sanctioned by OTO International or by USGL, even though individual OTO members may participate in them and may be involved in their moderation.

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Two Inductions into the Order of the Eagle and Lion

At its meeting last Friday, the Supreme Grand Council inducted Phyllis Seckler into the Order of the Eagle, and James Branch Cabell into the Order of the Lion, based on essays submitted by Soror Harper Feist and Brother M. Dionysius Rogers, respectively. Essays will be posted after final editing and formatting.

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USGL annual report for fiscal year 2017 published

The U.S. Grand Lodge annual report for fiscal year 2017 (Anno Viii) has been published. This and all previous annual reports can be found here.

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The Invisible Basilica of Sabazius has a new home

Our Grand Master has long operated a site titled The Invisible Basilica of Sabazius which collects his essays, keynote speeches, ritual commentaries, and other material. That site has been moved to a new home at sabazius.oto-usa.org. The new site is linked from our library page. The change should be reflected in search results soon.

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EGC Conference 2018

United States Grand Lodge O.T.O. is pleased to announce its first-ever conference devoted entirely to Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica. The conference will be held on the weekend of August 10-12 2018 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Instructions for conference registration, lodging, and participation can be found on the linked website.

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Gérard Aumont

Frater Superior Hymenaus Beta has published an important biographical essay on Gérard Aumont.  Read here.

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