Policy Statement about Establishment of Good Report

While the attestation of two sponsors of the requisite degree in good standing is normally considered sufficient to establish the good report of a candidate, the Executive may rule, on a case-by-case basis, that a candidate’s good report has not been established by the attestation of the sponsors. In such a case, the Executive may either reject the application or return it to the local body for reconsideration, with or without a time delay. In addition, the Executive may, at its own discretion, disqualify one or more of the original sponsors from serving again as the sponsor for the same candidate.

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USGL annual report for fiscal year 2016

U.S. Grand Lodge has published its annual report for fiscal year 2016 (Vii AL). The report includes financial and statistical information about the ongoing work of U.S. Grand Lodge.

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Registration open for NOTOCON XI

The eleventh biennial National O.T.O. Conference (NOTOCON XI) will be held in Orlando FL on August 11-13 2017. Registration for this event is now open. You can also reserve a hotel room at the venue. Watch the NOTOCON XI website for updates on speakers, scheduling, and more.

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Calendar events outage

We are having technical difficulties with providing information about upcoming U.S. Grand Lodge events on our website. We will have these back in working order as soon as possible. Meanwhile, you can always consult the full calendar hosted by Google here.

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USGL Annual Report for 2015

The U.S. Grand Lodge annual report for AL Vi (fiscal year 2015) is now online. This and previous annual reports are available on our Mission and Planning page.

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NOTOCON XI website

Though the eleventh biennial National OTO Conference is more than a year away (August 11-13 2017), preparations for it are already in progress. The event website is now available, and presentation proposals are being accepted. Registration instructions, hotel reservations, and more are coming soon.

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Registration open for OTO Women’s Symposium 2016

Registration is now open for the O.T.O. Women’s Symposium 2016, to be held August 5-7 in Minneapolis. The theme of the conference is “Ladies of Force and Fire”. This conference proposes to examine how women’s issues present in the larger community—such as sexism, mainstream media, the “glass ceiling”, social inequality, and violence against women—play out in the smaller communities encompassed by OTO bodies. Initiate members of all genders are welcome to attend.

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North American OTO centennial conference proceedings published

On May 16, 2015 ev, Ordo Templi Orientis celebrated its North American Centennial with a day-long conference hosted in Vancouver by O.T.O. Canada. The proceedings of that conference, titled Success Is Your Proof, have now been published. Many luminaries of modern Thelemic scholarship contributed to this volume.

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NOTOCON X keynote address

At the recent tenth biennial National O.T.O. Conference in Austin, Sabazius X° delivered a keynote address inspired by the conference theme, “Fire of Motion”. That address is now available online as a PDF document.

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USGL annual report for fiscal year 2014 available

The U.S. Grand Lodge annual report for fiscal year 2014 (Anno V0) is now available as a PDF document.

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