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News regarding content additions and changes on the USGL family of websites.

Order of the Lion and Order of the Eagle

The materials for the Order of the Lion and Order of the Eagle have been transferred from the Invisible Basilica to the U.S. Grand Lodge public website.  They can be found here: Orders of the Lion and Eagle

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Zero Equals Two blog

U.S. Grand Lodge is pleased to announce the launch of Zero Equals Two, a new culture blog curated exclusively by initiate members of Ordo Templi Orientis, updated daily during the work week. The blog can be accessed directly, or via a menu link on the main USGL website.

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Thelemic families website

The U.S. Grand Lodge Committee for the Advancement of Thelemic Families is pleased to unveil its website. Watch the site for news and resources relating to all aspects of Thelemic families.

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Stay informed about USGL

There are several ways to stay informed about USGL news and events. RSS (news reader) feeds are available for this blog, the USGL calendar of upcoming events, and the Thelema NOW! podcast. Subscription links for the first two are on the front page of the USGL website; the podcast subscription link is on the podcast page. …

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Welcome to the new home of US Grand Lodge news

The US Grand Lodge news feed, formerly published as a direct RSS stream, will now be available through this blog. You can subscribe to it using the links below. We will be porting over old stories as time permits.

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