Fall 2012 issue of Agape available online

The Fall 2012 issue of Agapé (vol. 13 no. 3) is now available online.

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Keynote address from NOTOCON IX

The keynote address delivered at NOTOCON IX by the Grand Master Sabazius is now available online.

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USGL Annual Report for fiscal year 2012

The U.S. Grand Lodge Annual Report for Anno IVxx (fiscal year 2012) is now available.

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USGL public website URLs changed

Numerous users have complained about the lengthy and aesthetically unpleasing “/wordpress” in URLs such as “http://oto-usa.org/wordpress/thelema/“. Today, I am happy to announce that I figured out a way to move all the WordPress URLs to the site root. So that same page would now be found at “http://oto-usa.org/thelema/“. The old URLs redirect to the new ones, so existing links and bookmarks need not be updated.

When making a change like this, it’s hard to be certain that nothing has gone wrong. So please be alert for any problems on the site, and if you see one, let me know at webmaster@oto-usa.org.

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News from International Headquarters

The International Headquarters of Ordo Templi Orientis has published a major news update, including information concerning an upcoming exhibition of several of the Thoth Tarot paintings, some very welcome publishing news, and…brace yourself…a scribe’s correction of The Book of the Law.

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Gnostic Mass video project

Anahata Chapter of the O.T.O. Rose Croix, with the sanction of the United States Grand Lodge, O.T.O., is proud to sponsor the making of a professionally produced, high quality video of Liber XV, The Gnostic Mass.

The Chapter is currently raising money using Indiegogo, and would appreciate any support!

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Site search advisory

The search feature on the USGL public website is powered by Google, meaning that we rely on their indexing of our site to provide search results. Currently, Google is still using the index from the old website, resulting in mismatches between search results and the new page locations. I have created redirects for the more heavily used pages, and requested an accelerated re-indexing of our site so that search will provide accurate information. I do not know how long that will take. In the mean time, sorry for the inconvenience.

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USGL website upgraded

I am very happy to announce that a major upgrade of the U.S. Grand Lodge website is complete. I think you’ll find that the new site is both easier to navigate and more attractive; the latter is thanks in large part to the efforts of Shawn Richburg, Master of Bubastis Oasis and graphics wizard extraordinaire.

This upgrade involved more wide-ranging changes, including moving to a new hosting service and rearranging content between the parts of the U.S.G.L. website family. In any change of this complexity, it is inevitable that there will be problems. If you spot one — something misspelled, omitted or redundant information, broken links, or the like — please let me know at webmaster@oto-usa.org.

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Man of Earth Delegate selection

As described in Liber CXCIV, four delegates from the Man of Earth Triad serve the Supreme and Holy King and provide him with input on the views of the membership at large. The selection process for two new delegates will begin in June 2013. See this page for details, including instructions on how to apply for these positions.

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Summer 2012 issue of Agape available online

The Summer 2012 issue of Agapé (volume 13 number 2) is now available onlineAgapé is the official newsletter of U.S. Grand Lodge, Ordo Templi Orientis.

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